Growing up in Hawaii, the ocean became Kammi’s therapeutic escape. She grew to know the ocean as a symbol of love and freedom. At a young age, the ocean nurtured her love for life’s simple pleasures: swimming, surfing, and diving for shells — yet the vastness of the ocean cultivated a keenness of exploration.

After graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a degree in Secondary Education and English, Kammi embarked on a worldwide expedition. Trading in conventional routine for days that drifted into each other, Kammi backpacked through places that left marks on both her consciousness and heart.  She found wisdom in random strangers and gathered artistic inspiration from places that defy description and demand silence.

Upon returning home to Maui, Kammi intertwined the colorful sentiment of her travels with her love for the ocean, creating a poetic collection that speaks of a journey to and from the Pacific.

The brand name “Kamera” pronounced “Khmer-ah” is Kammi’s given name. “Kamera Hawaii” evolved as an artists’ tribute to her ethnically Khmer/Thai mother who escaped from the Killing Fields of Cambodia to build a life of peace in the middle of the Pacific.

Today Kammi resides on the island of Maui with her two beautiful little girls. She also works as a full-time high school teacher. Education, also a form of art is her first love as “there is something so magical about inspiring growth in the landscape of one’s mind.”

With gratitude,

Love + Aloha, KAMERA HAWAII xx